Childhood Obesity Roundtable

Nutrition Unscrambled

ENC hosted a roundtable on October 24 and 25th to discuss obesity and nutrition in children. Participants included research and clinical experts from Harvard, University of Illinois and University of Missouri, two Registered Dietitians – a school nutrition director and a private practice practitioner. We had a great discussion about strengths and gaps in current research, nutrition in schools, counseling strategies and overall nutrition issues. It is clear that the school nutrition program is working hard to improve children’s nutrition, but what happens when they go home? We also discussed that more studies have been completed in adults but not children. At best guess we assume that the adult studies can translate to child nutrition.

These conversations are good to have especially with the researchers and practitioners. It really brings perspective to areas that each can contribute a great deal of information. This can lead to future ideas for research and health related materials we can provide our health professionals for their patients. ENC will continue to promote overall health, including fighting the obesity epidemic. We know eggs have a great role in child nutrition, affordable, 70 calories and full of valuable nutrients.

Anna Shlachter MS, RD, LDN

Anna Shlachter, MS, RD, LDN is the Program Manager, Nutrition Research and Communications at the Egg Nutrition Center

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