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Splurging on Spice

Splurging on SpicesA colorful array of spices is a hallmark of the sunny Mediterranean-style diet. When it comes to evidence-based eating patterns, the fruit- and vegetable- based Mediterranean diet has been the subject of scientific studies around the world. And the science stacks up; as a result, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that the Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern – including eggs...

Eggs and the Traditional Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean DietInformation featured in “What is the Mediterranean Diet?” – An educational handout created by Oldways and its Mediterranean Foods Alliance, in collaboration with the Egg Nutrition Center.  Eggs have played a supporting role in the Mediterranean Diet for thousands of years. Ancient Phoenicians who lived in the Mediterranean region three thousand years ago kept chickens among their barnyard animals. An...

Egg Muffin Cups – A great recipe for individuals with diabetes and beyond

Baked EggsType 2 diabetes afflicts an estimated 28 million Americans. Many more—perhaps 85 million—have prediabetes, meaning that their blood sugar level is abnormal. For both diabetics and prediabetics, eating strategically is essential. The right diet can help those with diabetes manage their blood sugar and help prediabetics lower the risk of developing full-blown type 2 diabetes. (more…)