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Focus on Potassium

As health professionals, it is important to get a full health history from clients to assess nutrition and health status. An area to be mindful of is activity level and occupation, particularly as it relates to climate. Clients who exercise or work outside during the summer need to pay attention to intakes of key minerals, …

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The Incredible, Edible, and Affordable Egg

Protein has been a real buzzword lately, and for good reason. Protein is made up of amino acids, the building blocks for muscle, blood, skin, hair, and nails. In total, there are 20 amino acids, which join together in different combinations to form unique proteins in the body. Some of these amino acids, nine to …

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The Power of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is most commonly recognized for its beneficial effects on eye health, while its other important functions are often overlooked.  As with other vitamins, there are different forms of vitamin A – one form that is most readily absorbed in the body is known as retinol, which is found in liver, eggs, and milk. …

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Snack Ideas for Children On-the-Go

Summer is a busy time for most families kids are out of school, but camps and summertime activities keep people busy, often leading to eating on the go. Sometimes when people don’t plan ahead, less nutritious options are chosen, particularly for snacking. The great news is with a little planning, snacking can be a part …

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The Multi-Functional Egg

Today’s blog post is written by Nawal Al-Nouri, ENC’s Dietetic Intern. Nawal studies Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and will be eligible to sit for the RD exam in December of 2013. She maintains a balanced lifestyle by staying active and exposing herself to new ideas, and enjoys cooking and …

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Focus on Thiamine

The benefits of thiamine (or thiamin), a water soluble vitamin also known as Vitamin B1, are often overlooked despite the nutrient’s importance in bodily function. Thiamin is one of the essential nutrients the body must have to convert carbohydrates  into energy, making it beneficial when the body is trying to combat stress. It also plays …

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The Benefits of Snacking Mindfully

Some people trying to lose weight view snacking as a taboo, believing it is something they must cut out in order to achieve their weight loss goals. However, if a snack is carefully planned, it is a great way to pre-empt hunger, add beneficial nutrients and fuel the body to recover from physical activity and …

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Unscrambling the science behind eggs and omega-3 fatty acids

Today’s post comes from James House, Ph.D. Dr. House is studying the relationship between water soluble vitamin nutrition, the metabolism of amino acids, and how they relate to optimal growth and health of individuals. He also maintains a strong focus towards the development of functional foods of animal origin.  He is also a member of ENC’s Scientific Advisory …

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White vs. Brown Eggs – What’s the Story?

Egg selection in grocery stores has become increasingly complicated for consumers as the variety of eggs to choose from continues to expand with the addition of omega-3 enriched eggs, increased size variation and the development of organic brands. With myths of nutritional content differences floating around, many consumers aren’t sure if there’s a difference between …

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Tools You Can Use for National Egg Month & Year Round

Happy May and National Egg Month!  Today, we’re focusing on the ENC website as a way to celebrate National Egg Month. provides you with research and other publications to use as a health professional, as well as nutrition information that you can share with your clients. Be sure to check out the Nutrition and Research section to see what articles have …

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