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First Day of Summer: Summer Vegetables to Pair with Eggs

Today’s blog post is written by Nawal Al-Nouri, ENC’s Dietetic Intern. Nawal studies Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and will be eligible to sit for the RD exam in December of 2013. She maintains a balanced lifestyle by staying active and exposing herself to new ideas, and enjoys cooking and …

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Have an Egg-cellent Meatless Monday

Are you or your clients participating in Meatless Monday? It can be tricky for some individuals to redesign their plate and get a balanced, protein-rich meal. However, eggs pair well with many different foods, making it easy to create simple, affordable meals for any time of day. Idea # 1 Family Fun: Meatless Monday can be a …

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Getting to the Heart of Healthy Fats

  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, with one out of every three deaths resulting from heart disease or stroke (1). As American Heart Health Month kicks off this week, now is the perfect time …

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Focus on Folate

As discussed in previous posts, eggs are a great food for pregnant women to include in the diet for many reasons—choline, iron, protein, etc.—and today we’re going to focus on one of them: folate. This B vitamin is vital for red blood cell formation and proper cell division, processes that are inherently important during fetal …

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How do Eggs “Weigh In” for Weight Management?

With the ongoing obesity epidemic in the United States, health professionals are involved more than ever in assisting clients with weight loss and weight maintenance. Nutrition professionals, in particular, are continually searching for effective individualized nutrition advice that will assist clients in reaching a healthy weight. As you work with clients toward their New Year’s …

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“What’s for Dinner?” Wednesday: Start Thanksgiving with Eggs for Satiety

Today’s post in another one from Julie Rothenberg, Loyola Dietetic Intern.  We’re using our “What’s for Dinner” post to get you thinking about breakfast tomorrow. When most of us think of Thanksgiving, three things typically come to mind; friends, family, and—of course—food! As we celebrate this holiday and enjoy the company of those close to us, …

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Fun Fact Friday: The Company Eggs Keep – It’s Up To You

Today’s post comes from Julie Rothenberg, a dietetic intern at Loyola University Chicago. She is also currently working towards her Master of Science degree in dietetics, which she plans to receive in May 2013. Julie has really been enjoying her rotation at the Egg Nutrition Center and states that her experience has enhanced her understanding …

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Enjoy Halloween Candy but Be Mindful of Sugar Intake Year Round

Today’s blog post comes from Mary Donkersloot, a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant with a private nutrition practice in Beverly Hills, California. Donkersloot has helped individuals dealing with diabetes, heart disease, weight management, and eating disorders for more than 20 years. She is also one of ENC’s Health Professional Advisors. Every year at this time the …

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“What’s for Dinner?” Wednesday: Phosphorus-Rich Egg & Pasta Skillet

In today’s post, we’re taking a closer look at the nutrient phosphorus, the second most prevalent mineral in the body (to calcium). Phosphorus is essential for healthy bones, teeth and cell membranes. It’s also important for nutrient metabolism, muscle growth and energy production. Adults need 700 mg of phosphorus per day, while kids 9 to …

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World Egg Day: Celebrating the Amazingly Versatile Egg

Today’s post comes from Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD. Cochran is a nutrition communications consultant, appearing regularly in national and local media to discuss nutrition topics. Cochran is a long-standing   nutrition writer for Woman’s World Magazine as well as a member of ENC’s Health Professional Advisor panel. World Egg Day is commemorated every year on the second …

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