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ENC serves as a resource for health professionals in need of current nutrition information to share with their patients.

Below are various tools available for professional education and/or to be shared with consumers.

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Cherry Cheesecake Breakfast Bars – A Back-to-School Solution

Cheesecake Granola Bar - Blog

With back-to-school season looming, we all need solutions to get into the routine.

Here’s one: these soft and chewy, super-filling Cherry Cheesecake Breakfast Bars.

These easy, make-ahead bars are perfect for busy mornings. They freeze beautifully and can be grabbed to go. Microwave for only a few seconds for a warm breakfast. Continue reading “Cherry Cheesecake Breakfast Bars – A Back-to-School Solution”

Eggs for the Nutritionally Vulnerable

Malnourished Instagraphic - Verticle

Featured article in the Summer 2017 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Tia M. Rains, PhD

Public health guidance encourages the consumption of nutrient-dense foods to meet vitamin and mineral needs without excessive calorie intake.1 This recommendation applies regardless of age, sex, race/ethnicity, body mass, socioeconomic status, etc. But nutritionally vulnerable populations, like malnourished children and food insecure families, might derive a bigger benefit from this strategy than other groups.

Continue reading “Eggs for the Nutritionally Vulnerable”

Prioritizing Breakfast: Practical Back-to-School Advice

NCU July 2017 Website Image - Prioritizing Breakfast

Featured article in the Summer 2017 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Chris Barry, PA-C, MMSC

It’s hard to believe, but back-to-school time is already upon us. As parents scramble to obtain all the necessary school supplies, it is important for clinicians to discuss healthy nutritional strategies with our patients. Breakfast, the most overlooked meal, is where I like to start. Many of my patients don’t feel that breakfast is important, and would rather get a few minutes of extra sleep. Studies have repeatedly shown that large numbers of children skip breakfast every day.1

Continue reading “Prioritizing Breakfast: Practical Back-to-School Advice”

Osteoporosis Prevention – Thinking Beyond Calcium

Osteoperosis Article

Featured article in the Summer 2017 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Pamela Hernandez, CPT

A 2013 report in The Journals of Gerontology, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences stated that osteoporosis-related fractures are a substantial burden, not just on our public health but also our economy. In the United States, they estimated the cost of fractures to exceed $19 billion annually.1 Continue reading “Osteoporosis Prevention – Thinking Beyond Calcium”