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Nutrition research is the underpinning of our programs and outreach. ENC is dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information on eggs, nutrition and health. Below is a collection of both ENC-funded research and relevant studies.

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New Research: Eating Eggs at Breakfast May Help With Appetite and Caloric Intake Control in Kids

creative scrambled egg breakfast face shapeAs highlighted in a recent blog, higher protein breakfasts may reduce hunger in kids. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently confirmed these results in a study that compared the satiating properties of egg- versus two cereal grain-based breakfasts in children.

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Integrity Guidelines are an Important Part of Research Grant Programs


The Egg Nutrition Center’s research program applies integrity principles endorsed by experts and top journals.

The scientific method in general, and best practices in research more specifically, help guard against multiple sources of bias that can occur if appropriate checks and balances are missing in conducting and reporting research. Bias can occur when researchers believe so strongly in the original hypothesis that they knowingly or unknowingly adjust analyses until they achieve the outcome they believe makes sense. One of the least recognized biases occurs when null or negative findings are not published, either because the researcher does not spend the time preparing the manuscript or because quality journals deem the information to be either not new or unexciting. Many in the public media have expressed strong concerns that funding sources may influence research. Since the studies in question have already been funded, this concern carries the assumption that these researchers believe that future research funding is contingent on reporting a particular result or interpreting findings in a particular way. This latter would appear to be similar across the range of funding sources, including governments, non-profits, or for-profit organizations. Due to concerns related to all of these potential sources of biases in research, ENC abides by a set of guiding principles, as described here.

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Grant Program by ENC on Eggs and Human Health

Grant Funding

From protein to cardiometabolic health and lifestage nutrition, there is a lot to learn about the role of eggs in human health.

The Egg Nutrition Center’s competitive research grant program was created for the purpose of advancing the understanding of the nutritional value of eggs and egg-related nutrients in the human diet. Without this grant program, there would be little research examining egg consumption with respect to human health [see summary on “The Role of Farmer Funded Applied Nutrition Research”].

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