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Happy 1st Anniversary to Nutrition Unscrambled


We hope you’ve enjoyed our blogs and found the information useful in your practices and even perhaps your own lives.  Marcia mentioned some of the trends for 2011 in her blog post and I wanted to share some other exciting highlights.

  • Obesity became a top search for our blog which was excellent!  We’ll continue to blog about the obesity story as new research and information becomes available.
  • Research and trends regarding satiety, nutrient density, protein, choline, vitamin D, lutein and zeaxanthin, cholesterol, and other key topics were the highlight of many of our blogs.
  • We had several blogs about cholesterol- including Mythbusters– trying to spread the word that over 40 years of research shows that the same results- EGGS are A-OK!
  • Breakfast was among a top trend although eggs can be enjoyed anytime!
  • We introduced you to some great new programs such as SuperTracker, Healthy Dining Finder, Kids Live Well and more.
  • New MyPlate materials are available for purchasing or downloading!
  • As Marcia pointed out, recipes are very popular right now: ENC Egg Recipes.  You can always visit for more recipes.
  • We highlighted our health professional audiences with blogs from professional meetings and exhibits we attended.

So now I am asking you, our readers:  What do you want to know more about in 2012?

Author: Anna Shlachter MS, RDN, LDN