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To 2013, a Year of Nutritious Breakfasts!

We have almost survived the first week of 2013.  Hopefully you and your clients have focused on obtainable lifestyle changes for the New Year.  If you’re still looking for a goal to last a lifetime, try committing to eat breakfast.  If you are a breakfast skipper, consider making it a habit to start eating breakfast, and if you currently eat breakfast, aim to maximize the nutrition of your first meal of the day.
2013 Eggs

Breakfast has been a popular topic on Nutrition Unscrambled, as well as many other health related articles, blogs and tweets.  A breakfast that includes high quality protein, such as eggs, has shown multiple benefits including improved cognition, better appetite control,  muscle and strength building from the amino acids, as well as mind and body energy for our busy lives.  Here is a great blog post by Appetite for Health discussing the benefits of protein in the diet, particularly for weight loss.

A recent article on Epicurious that quoted ENC Health Professional Advisor, Kathleen Zelman, discussed some great breakfast tips.  A favorite quote from the article is: “She adds that there have been ’umpteen studies‘ that demonstrate the benefits of breakfast on all sorts of performance, including how children fare on tests.”  Despite the “umpteen studies,” we don’t seem to make breakfast a priority.  Let’s make a new habit and have breakfast be a priority in 2013 (and beyond).

Don’t know where to start or not sure how to talk to clients about eating breakfast?  You can use MyPlate as a guide for ideas.  The great news is that breakfast doesn’t have to take a long time to make (or eat).  Eggs are a great addition to breakfast because they are quick and easy, as well as delicious and pair well with other healthy foods. For simple recipe ideas, visit the Incredible Egg website.eggb
So here is a new challenge: show other health professionals and clients your commitment to eating a healthy breakfast that includes protein-rich options, like eggs.  You can tweet your breakfast photos at @IncredibleEggs or post them on Facebook at Incredible Edible Egg. Also be sure to add a comment about why you are committed to breakfast. Use the hashtag #eggbreakfast in your posts.

Author: Anna Shlachter MS, RDN, LDN