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Observations from the 6th Annual CPSDA Conference & Symposium


Today’s post comes from Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS. Ellis is a sports dietitian who counsels athletic programs on nutrition and teaches athletes how to eat the right foods on a sensible schedule to fuel performance, prevent muscle cramps, finish strong and recover well. He is also a member of ENC’s Health Professional Advisory panel.

CPSDA 2014 in Scottsdale, AZ last month involved three days of great speakers and sunshine. CPSDA attendees were treated to a great presentation by Brian Hainline, Chief Medical Officer for the NCAA. Brian is a big supporter of feeding athletes and was instrumental in the recent deregulation of NCAA feeding rules, which now allow colleges to provide their athletes with optimal nutrition. Brian also supports sports RDs as the health professionals uniquely qualified to help NCAA Member Institutions determine appropriate fueling solutions for student-athletes. Deregulation of NCAA feeding rules was an advocacy milestone for CPSDA leadership, who engaged the NCAA and national media over the last four years to create awareness on why these rules needed to change.

Another CPSDA conference highlight was the launch of the Advance Practice Education Tract, which featured Food and Supplement Security topics this year. Adulteration of food for economic gain and the addition of active pharmaceutical ingredients into dietary supplements is now a global health dilemma that RDs are left to navigate on the front lines of fueling. Sports RDs working with drug tested populations have a critical role to play in making sure teams do not fund or supply adulterated foods or supplements that could compromise an athlete’s eligibility to compete by causing a positive doping test. CPSDA is committed to keeping sports RDs ahead of the curve on all adulteration issues, so that they can be recognized and valued in their Food and Supplement Security roles for their respective teams. As sports RDs know, whole, natural foods like eggs are ideal for fueling athletesand are historically adulteration-proof!

I also wanted to give a shout out to ENC for exhibiting and sharing valuable educational materials and supporting sports RDs with an omelet bar. Thanks again, ENC, for your support of CPSDA! To learn more about CPSDA, please visit

Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS

Author: Guest Blogger