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Higher Protein Breakfast Reduces Hunger in Kids

Children having breakfast in the kitchenIf protein at breakfast shows benefits, it may help manage or prevent overweight in kids. Researchers at the University of Arkansas were interested in weight-related physiologic effects of high carbohydrate and high protein breakfasts among school aged kids. In focusing on kids, they noted that “In the U.S. 32% of children are overweight and 17% obese. Obesity is a major...

Eggs Can Fit into a Diabetes Eating Plan

Baked Eggs Cup Amy CampbellHigh quality protein in eggs makes them a great choice in a carbohydrate-controlled diet. The nutritional benefits of eggs have been well established, despite their dietary cholesterol content. In fact, the forthcoming Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 may no longer restrict dietary cholesterol intake, as experts agree that it’s no longer a “nutrient of concern.” However, researchers have questioned the...