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ENC’s blog features articles on new research as well as recaps of meetings, reports, and other information related to eggs and health. Contact ENC if you are interested in writing an article on eggs for a guest post.

Holiday What? Gain

As we approach the holidays it does not mean you “have to gain weight”. It seems many people do not understand moderation, but I think they do realize when they’ve eaten too much! Some things you can do to have a Healthy Holiday and not a Hefty Holiday! Make sure to eat adequate protein at breakfast and (lunch) before the...

Egg Nutrition Center Request for Research Proposals 2012

ENC is soliciting research proposals for the 2012 grant year. A letter of intent is due Friday, January 13, 2012. See the research section of ENC’s website for more details. Below are ENC 2012 Research Priorities: 1. Nutrition in health and disease: • Obesity: particular emphasis on childhood obesity. • Heart disease: effect of eggs on lipoprotein or cholesterol metabolism....