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Grant Program by ENC on Eggs and Human Health

Grant FundingFrom protein to cardiometabolic health and lifestage nutrition, there is a lot to learn about the role of eggs in human health. The Egg Nutrition Center’s competitive research grant program was created for the purpose of advancing the understanding of the nutritional value of eggs and egg-related nutrients in the human diet. Without this grant program, there would be little...

Does Breakfast Drive A “Metabolic Memory?”

Usual breakfast “eaters” respond to skipping a breakfast meal differently than those who usually skip breakfast. Researchers at the University of Colorado were interested in understanding why breakfast skippers have a higher rate of type 2 diabetes and whether the expected metabolic responses would be more pronounced in overweight women who skip breakfast on a regular basis (Thomas, 2015). (more…)

Protein at Breakfast Improved Glycemic Control in Obese Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

High protein, egg-based breakfast affected insulin and incretin responses at a subsequent meal, suggesting breakfast meal composition may be important for those with type 2 diabetes. With high rates of type 2 diabetes in the U.S. and on the rise globally, there is a need to better understand the impact of macronutrient composition on glucose and insulin homeostasis in this...