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Calling Student Writers for Nutrition Unscrambled

For those who are not that familiar with the Egg Nutrition Center or our offerings, our mission is to be a credible source of nutrition and health science information for health professionals, and  we take this very seriously. Through the research we fund, as well as the educational materials we produce, we strive to be seen as not just another corporate entity pushing the virtues of our product, but rather as a source of nutrition information on a wide variety of topics. In order to reach our goal, we rely on experts in various areas to write and do research on our behalf. And in an effort to broaden the scope of the experts with whom we work, we’ve begun to reach out to students in health/nutrition departments at various universities with an interest in writing blog posts on our site. For many, authoring articles on credible blog sites is a first effort toward getting their thoughts, ideas, and research in the public eye. And for ENC, it allows us to be a forum for young investigators and budding educators who will become the thought leaders of tomorrow. A win-win opportunity for all, as we see it. Some examples of recent blog posts come from students at the University of Arkansas and Boston University, and can be accessed here: Physiological Impacts of Protein and Effects on Weight ManagementThe Link Between Nutrition, Exercise and Muscle; Applying the Latest Research: Increasing Protein to Benefit Blood Pressure
If you’re a student looking for a forum to express your ideas or to highlight interesting research, or a faculty member with access to students with a penchant for writing, we’d love to receive articles or other information from you that you’d like to post on our site. ENC currently has a mailing list of almost 50,000 health professionals, so your posts will have the potential of reaching many of your peers. We see no better way to keep our blog site relevant and fresh than by reaching out to enthusiastic students with ideas. So we encourage you to bring them to our attention.

We thank you in advance for your consideration, and look forward to receiving your blog post ideas in the future. For more information, or to submit your posts, please contact us.

Author: Mitch Kanter, Ph.D.