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New Zealand’s New “Eggs and the Heart” Position Statement

New Zealand

The New Zealand Heart Foundation (NZHF) recently released a position statement, “Eggs and the Heart” – One of its key findings being:

“Eggs are a nutritious whole food that can be part of a heart-healthy dietary pattern.”

The position statement summarizes findings and recommendations from their Heart Foundation’s evidence paper which was published in January. It involved a thorough review of existing research on the impact of dietary cholesterol and egg intake on heart disease or related risk factors.

The scientific report states,

“The overall level of evidence on eggs and blood cholesterol or risk of heart disease is inconsistent…Although eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, the weight of evidence suggests eggs have only a very small effect on blood cholesterol levels…”

Therefore, NZHF’s recommendations for egg intake indicate, among other things:

  • People at Increased Heart Disease Risk (including those with Type 2 diabetes): Eat up to six eggs per week as part of a heart-healthy eating pattern.
  • Hyper-responders to Dietary Cholesterol: Egg intake should be based on individual response to egg consumption, which varies.
  • General Healthy Population: Eggs can be included as part of a heart-healthy eating pattern – no upper level of intake recommended. “There are more important changes people should be focusing on…rather than restricting egg intake.”

The position paper also provides “General Egg Advice” which states:

“Care should be taken with the company that eggs keep, that is the combination of foods often eaten with eggs such as processed meats, like bacon or sausages, refined white bread and/or butter or salt.”

For more information, you can access the New Zealand position statement here and the evidence paper here.

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Author: Rachel Bassler, RDN, CSSD, LDN