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Nutrition Unscrambled 1st Anniversary

Turning the page on the calendar and starting a new year makes one pause and think about all that seemed so important in the prior year. Nutrition is an evolving science. We often feel sure that eating according to the currently accepted guidance will help us maintain good health, until research contradicts that guidance the following year.

In 2011, Nutrition Unscrambled began the discussion of how to incorporate the 10 most healthful foods into your diet and continued with that theme throughout the year. More and more the research appears to show that adding protein at breakfast and spacing protein intake throughout the day is the secret to improving your body composition and maintaining a healthy weight.

Throughout the year we shared recipes and tips to use eggs for building a healthy diet. Nutrition Unscrambled continued a focus on how eggs can be included in healthy meal patterns and shared these messages at health professional conferences, at family mealtime and when refueling after exercise.

In 2012, Nutrition Unscrambled will continue to provide informative discussions about trends in nutrition and healthy meal planning. We hope to bring more research driven discussions, more varied perspectives on nutrition from experts who practice in different health professions and more insights into how to inform and motivate the public about healthy eating.

Thanks again to all our readers!

Author: Marcia Greenblum, MS, RD