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Fun Fact Friday: The Company Eggs Keep – It’s Up To You

Today’s post comes from Julie Rothenberg, a dietetic intern at Loyola University Chicago. She is also currently working towards her Master of Science degree in dietetics, which she plans to receive in May 2013.

JR2Julie has really been enjoying her rotation at the Egg Nutrition Center and states that her experience has enhanced her understanding of educating health professionals and learning more about nutrition research.

Happy Friday! We thought it would be a great day to talk about a phrase that we like to use at ENC.  “It’s the company eggs keep.” What does this mean?

Eggs are a great part of any meal. This is not just because they are loaded with nutrients and high quality protein, but also because they can be accompanied by a wide variety of foods. The diverse appearance and texture eggs can have, make them an ideal meal companion. This is especially helpful when preparing a colorful and assorted plate of food. Although there are many options to accompany your egg, some of them are less nutritious.  Common selections include: calorie packed bread items such as muffins or bagels, or higher fat choices like ham, bacon, and full fat cheese (usually in larger portions).

“It’s the company eggs keep.”  As you can see, there are many foods to choose from, so consider balancing your choices to promote an overall healthy diet.  You decide what to eat and you can certainly enjoy all foods, but be mindful of your choices.


To help you decide on a healthy accompaniment for your egg, you can use MyPlate. The USDA uses MyPlate to suggest a healthy and well-balanced layout for your plate at meal times.   If you are looking to improve your overall diet, SuperTracker is also a great tool.

A whole-wheat English muffin, a slice of toast  or even a bowl of oatmeal is an egg-cellent grain selection. They are filled with fiber and will keep you fuller longer. Eggs can even be in the company of various tasty vegetables chopped up and cooked in an omelet as well. Vegetables will add a variety of color and nutrients that will make for an egg-stremely healthy meal.


In addition to the options above, you can add a cup of chopped fruit of your choice. Fruits and vegetables are high in many nutrients and contain many antioxidants that are important for your body.  Add no or low-fat dairy and put it all together for a well-balanced egg-stra delicious meal!

Our website also has some great MyPlate materials, including recipes.

So next time eggs are on your plate, pair them up with a healthy mate!

Author: Guest Blogger