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Why Adding Omega-3’s To Egg Ingredients Might Be A Good Idea.


Consumers worldwide might benefit from foods made using egg ingredients enhanced by adding nutrients.

Jose Miranda and colleagues summarized evidence suggesting that egg-derived ingredients, like pasteurized liquid eggs, offer potential to improve the balance of nutrients in diets of both developing and developed countries (Miranda, 2015).

Eggs were noted for offering a “modest calorie source…, a protein of excellent quality, great culinary versatility and low economic cost…”

In the journal Nutrients, the authors point out that dietary imbalances could be addressed with liquid egg and egg powders enriched with omega-3, while simultaneously reducing cholesterol content. Moreover, another benefit of egg ingredients is that regular eggs are not refrigerated in some countries, yet pasteurized liquid egg ingredients would be.

Another important potential advantage of egg-derived products enriched with n-3 PUFA is that the lipid profile is better preserved at refrigeration temperatures…

There are potential advantages associated with enhancing egg products from both consumer behavior and food supply perspectives. Consumers say they want to do more to improve their diets, and substituting a food made with an enhanced egg product for the standard version of same/similar food, may be an easy and therefore sustainable approach over the long-term.

Overall, the authors conclude that nutritionally enhanced egg derived ingredient products are:

 safer from the microbiological point of view, cheaper, easier to hand[le] and store, and because of the heat treatment applied, in some cases are less allergenic than fresh eggs. Thus, functional egg-derived products obtained through technologic methods are a very interesting option ….

An infographic on nutrients in standard egg yolk and other health professional materials about egg nutrition are available on the Egg Nutrition Center website.

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Author: Mitch Kanter, Ph.D.