vEGGing Out

Get your vEGG on with this easy dish! Root veggies, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are topped with an over easy egg. And with only 210 calories, this nutrient packed meal is light on calories! Enjoy!

This recipe was developed for the Egg Nutrition Center by Nicole Groman, MS, RD from  @thehungryclementine

  • 20 Minutes
    Total Cook Time
  • 16g Protein
  • 210 Calories
2 Each Whole Eggs
1 Cup Frozen Root Vegetables (Mixed Carrots, Parsnips, Onions, and Sweet Potatoes)
1 Cup Frozen Broccoli
1/2 Cup Frozen Brussels Sprouts
1 Pat Butter
1/2 Cup Mixed Fruit

Per Serving

Calories: 210

Total Fat: 10g

Saturated Fat: 3g

Sodium: 170mg

Carbohydrates: 17g

Dietary Fiber: 4g

Protein: 16g


  1. Defrost frozen vegetables according to package directions

  2. While vegetables are defrosting, melt butter over medium heat in a skillet

  3. Once butter starts to brown, crack 2 eggs into skillet

  4. Pat defrosted vegetables dry (careful not to burn yourself), and add to skillet surrounding the eggs, careful not to break the yolks

  5. When vegetables start to brown slightly, remove and place on plate

  6. Top vegetables with eggs, add salt or salt-free seasoning and pepper to taste

  7. Serve with fruit on the side. Enjoy!


    Servings per recipe: 2