Nutritious Dietary Patterns

Dietary patterns (also called eating patterns) are the combinations and quantities of food and beverages consumed over time. Consistent evidence indicates that, in general, a plant-based dietary pattern is more health-promoting than the current average U.S. diet. However, a “plant-based” eating patterns doesn’t mean only plants; pairing high-quality protein foods, like eggs, with plants is essential for the synthesis and maintenance of muscle tissue, and for achieving optimal vitamin and mineral intakes.

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend three healthy eating patterns, all of which include eggs. But what are the sample eating patterns, and what are the key differences between them?

To learn more about healthy eating patterns, including those recommended in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, and how eggs fit within those patterns, explore the following PowerPoint, and feel free to share it with friends!

Healthy Eating Patterns: How do Eggs Fit?

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Healthy, Sustainable Eating Patterns and the Importance of the Big Picture

Sustainability feature

Featured article in the Fall 2018 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Mickey Rubin, PhD

Increasingly, the conversation among health professionals in nutrition includes not only human health and well-being, but also the intersection of food, nutrition and agriculture. This intersection is commonly referred to as sustainable nutrition, and it is a way of looking at the contribution of foods and diet patterns in terms of not only health benefits, but economic, social and environmental outcomes as well. Continue reading “Healthy, Sustainable Eating Patterns and the Importance of the Big Picture”

September is Better Breakfast Month

Better Breakfast

Did you know that September is Better Breakfast Month? The perfect time to explore new and delicious recipes.

But a nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to take all day. Eggs can be cooked in just minutes (even in the microwave)! And studies show that eating eggs for breakfast, compared to a bagel, helped people lose weight, feel more energetic and increase fullness. Continue reading “September is Better Breakfast Month”

Meet Katie Hayes, RDN – ENC’s New Director of Nutrition Communications

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I am thrilled to join the Egg Nutrition Center as the new Director of Nutrition Communications. As a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in nutrition communications, I have more than ten years of experience developing and implementing food and nutrition communications programs for brands and commodity groups. Continue reading “Meet Katie Hayes, RDN – ENC’s New Director of Nutrition Communications”

Systems Approach and Methods Could Transform Nutrition

NCU Systems Approach

Featured article in the Summer 2018 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Sarah Rebbert, BS & Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA

Nutrition and health are complex. The relationship between a given nutrient and chronic disease is not a simple single cause-single effect relationship. There is a complex system of mediating and modifying factors such as what combinations of nutrients are in the food or beverage, how the food is prepared, when and how the food is consumed, what the person’s health status is and what other risk factors the person may have for obesity and other medical conditions. Therefore, there is a need for more methods and approaches that can help us better understand this complex system. Continue reading “Systems Approach and Methods Could Transform Nutrition”

5 Grounding Foods for Summer

5 Grounding Foods

Featured article in the Summer 2018 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Jessica Cording, MS, RD, CDN, INHC

After months of little sunlight and low temperature, many of us are thankful that summer is finally here. A new season is a great time to evaluate your wellness routine, but it can also be overwhelming as we adjust to light and weather changes and navigate that push-pull feeling of wanting to dive into a new season while still having to tie up loose ends from the previous one. Packing our schedules with summer activities can also lead to feeling scattered – and stressed. Continue reading “5 Grounding Foods for Summer”