Physical Performance

Nutrition is an important aspect in athletic performance. Download these shareable videos, graphics, handouts and recipes to help promote the power of protein and eggs.

Eat your Eggs After: A Recovery Food for Athletes

Eat Your Eggs Recovery

Featured article in the Winter 2018 Issue of Nutrition Close-Up; written by Kristen Arnold, RDN, LD, MS

Optimal recovery protocols for athletes are critical to physical performance. Athletes and coaches often ask: What should an athlete eat after a workout? How much protein does an athlete need aft er a workout? What are easy and affordable options for post-workout recovery nutrition?

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Whole Eggs for Muscle Growth

Egg Whites

In nutrition science, individual nutrients are often recognized for their specific roles in physiology. We know that calcium is critical for bone health, choline is important for brain development and a lack of vitamin C will result in scurvy. However, whole foods are complex and contain numerous compounds, often leading to effects that extend beyond the sum of their parts.   Continue reading “Whole Eggs for Muscle Growth”

Do Elite Athletes Eat Red Rope Licorice?

Lap Pool

Based on a completely unofficial and unscientific poll, I estimate that 25% of nutrition professionals pursued the field because of their experiences in childhood sports.  And if anything, I think this is an underestimate.  Most athletes learn the importance of making smart food choices before practice and competition, and then a subset parlay this knowledge into a passion for food science, nutrition, and dietetics.

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